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Tourist Information

1-Sarda Devi Temple of Maihar

Maihar is a holy town of Madhya Pradesh State. Devotees from all over India visit ‘Maa Sharda Temple’ throughout the year. The temple is located on the top of the mountain and can be reached through 1060 steps, road. It is quite obvious that visit is not easy task especially for aged or physically unfit devotees. Considering the problem of devotees, management had started the service of ropeway service for devotees to reach Mother goddess Sharda Temple conveniently and in short time. Many peoples visit the temple in Navratri or Ram Navmi. There is one ancient inscription near the feet of stone sculpture of Sharda Devi situated in Sharda Devi temple. There is another statue of Lord Narsingh along with Sharda Devi. These statues were installed by Nupula Deva on Shake 424 chaitra krishna paksha 14 Tuesday, vikram samvat 559 i.e. 502 AD. This stone inscription Sharda Devi in four lines is of size 15" by 3.5" in Devanagari script. Another stone inscription at the temple is of size 34" by 31" inscribed by a shaiva saint Shamba who had knowledge of Buddhism and Jainism also. This inscription bears a scene of Nagadeva and reveals that it was about Damodara, son of Saraswati, was considered the Vyasa of Kaliyuga. And that there prevailed system of goat sacrifice at that time during worship for more details kindly visit.

2-Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is 161 Km away from Maihar and one of the popular national parks in India, located in the Umariya district of Madhya Pradesh . Bandhavgarh was declared a national park in 1968, with an area of 105 km2. The buffer is spread over the forest divisions of Umaria and Katni and totals 437 km2. The park derives its name from the most prominent hillock of the area, which is said to be given by Hindu Lord Ram to his brother Lakshmana to keep a watch on Lanka (Ceylon). Hence the name Bandhavgarh (Sanskrit: Brother's Fort). This park has a large biodiversity. The density of the tiger population at Bandhavgarh is one of the highest known in India. The park has a large breeding population of leopards, and various species of deer . For more detail visit

3-Chitrakoot Dham

Chitrakoot is the place where Lord Ram spend most of his time in exile (Eleven and half year) and it was most lovable place by him. The great sage Atri,Sati Anusuya,Dattareya, Maharsi Markandya ,Sarbhanga, Sutikshna and various other sages, seers, devotees and thinkers mediated and here the trinity of Hindu pantheons,Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh ,took their incarnations. The whole place is green with vegetation, mountains all around and lot of small rivers springs meeting Mandakini rever.For more detail visit

4- Khajurahoo

The Khajuraho is 136 Km away from Maihar.The biggest tourist attractions of Khajuraho are the many temples that adorn the face of this unique town. Temples of Khajuraho are the greatest artistic gift given by the Chandela Kings to the world. The walls of these temples are carved with erotic statues and sculptures. Temples have been divided into three group, Western Group, Eastern Group and Southern Group according to their location in the town.

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